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Personal treatment appointments are possible under the continued increased hygiene measures. This regulation is valid until you read other information here.

In case of symptoms of illness, please cancel in time! Please note the cancellation policy. If appointments have to be cancelled on my part, I will inform you by e-mail.

Since 01.10.2022 the FFP2 mask obligation in practices applies again.

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Ihre Stefanie Albrecht

My name is Stefanie Albrecht, (registered German) alternative practitioner, Heilpraktikerin. Relaxation and well-being as well as the connection between body and psyche are my specialties. More information about my qualification, education and training here.

You can find me in my naturopathic practices Bundesstr. 80, 20144 Hamburg, centrally located in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, only 5 min walk from Schlump train station.

And Ahornweg 2c, 25469 Halstenbek, just beyond the northwestern city limits of Hamburg. Approx. 20 min by car from Hamburg-Ottensen/Bahnhof Altona, from S-Bahn stop Krupunder in about 10 min walk.

Are you also stressed, constantly feeling tired, energetically drained, and like you're on a hamster wheel?

Do you know tension and pain?

Sound any of the following familiar?

Inner restlessness
insomnia, sleeping disorders
teeth grinding
jaw pain
irritable bowel syndrome
depressive mood
worries about the future
heart palpitations
high blood pressure
concentration problems
the feeling of being beside oneself
emotional blockages
the feeling of being at a standstill or stuck
the feeling of not being able to really start your life

......Do you feel like always being on alert?

You just do not understand yourself and your body anymore?

Relaxation and recreation seem out of reach?

No one has been able to help or explain what could be "wrong" with you?

For example, there could be an imbalance in you that is not recognized. E.g. in the autonomic nervous system, in the hormonal system...

Especially if "nothing" is found, there is no diagnosis organically, imaging procedures do not provide an answer. Because stress and imbalance can not be represented in this way! But have enormous effects! Psychotherapy could also not really help or you feel something is still missing. Even if you have a diagnosis, there can also be an imbalance as a factor. Then please contact. I am happy to help you to come back into balance.

How discomfort, pain and diseases occur?

Here is a very well done video on the function of the Autonomic Nervous System, or short ANS, which affects us every second of our lives. It regulates breathing, digestion, heartbeat, emotions, bodily sensations, how we see the world, how we evaluate experiences...

"When the autonomic nervous system operates properly, it is a reflection of our real-life situation, and it provides us with the necessary level of energy to be successful."

Stanley Rosenberg

Our nervous system needs help from time to time for the regulation and restoration of a positive state. The polyvagal theory and the treatment of the vagus nerve as well as the sympathetic nerve, to which I attach a lot of importance, are applied here, both in the physical and psychotherapeutic work.

I think and work with a holistic approach that does not consider physical or psychological complaints in isolation. For example, stress can increase due to the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, moving house, after an accident, or operation and many more. One feels worse than usual and then the body also begins to pinch, complaints change or intensify ...

The stress experienced in the body causes certain processes to be activated or deactivated, e.g. certain hormones are released or bodily functions are "put on hold" until the stress is over. In the long run, this can lead to serious malfunctions/possibly to the so-called symptom complex "burn out".

Even if your problem may seem small compared to others, the crucial point is the burden on you. Don't let it get much bigger in the first place! With me, all problems have the same importance and I take you seriously in your situation. My methods are designed in such a way that they positively intertwine and optimally complement each other.

For a good basis in orthodox medicine with regard to somatic and psychological complaints, I have completed training at the Hamburg Academy for Naturopathy to become a full healer (medicine and psyche) and received the official medical license to practice medicine. I was able to gain experience by working in different practices and I am continuously educating myself. I work closely with a psychological psychotherapist.

»Discovering, sensing and feeling well in your own body can open up unimagined new possibilities.«
Stefanie Albrecht

»Being able to listen to body sensations again prevents excessive demands and chronic stress."
Stefanie Albrecht

Relaxation and stress reduction can be learned and experienced. How can this be done and what possibilities do you yourself have in your daily life?

We will talk about this in detail and you will receive an individually tailored holistic therapy.

Series of 3-5 appointments in relatively short succession have proven successful, so that the process can be well accompanied and a sustainable change can be achieved.

It just needs your decision to be the top priority in your life from now on.

With dedication and commitment, it is possible to achieve healing and transformation on deep levels.

Are you ready for it? Then I look forward to meeting you!

About my work and point of view

________Holistic and integrative

My approach is body psychotherapy oriented, this means that I always take into account the psychological component of a physical illness and vice versa. The advantage of this is that grief, stress, powerlessness, etc., which occur very often in the course of a chronic illness and can often be an obstacle to healing, are also treated. In the same way, physical symptoms due to a mental illness, such as anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc., can also be treated. etc.

As a result, the treatment is more comprehensive, holistic, and can be more lasting in its improvement/healing. This is essentially the difference to a purely physical or purely psychotherapeutic therapy. My treatments and methods can of course always be used in addition to drug treatments and psychotherapy.

________Self-help and empowerment

Another point that is very important to me is training in self-help measures. People I work with should accomplish self-determination and freedom to live their best life. Therefore, I always explain the background of my work and pass on as far as possible my methods for self-application. Of course, I will then continue to be available for support and, if necessary, deeper processes that one can not cope so well alone, and accompany you on your personal healing path.

________The time factor

Since my years of experience have shown that time is important for a treatment, you get in an appointment with me 90 minutes just for yourself. So can be worked in a trusting framework in peace and without pressure. Of course, complaints should always disappear as quickly as possible - I know that! For each person there are other causes for illness. To find out what has led you to the point where you are now, is an important step in order to quickly reach the goal = complaint relief / freedom.

A purely symptomatic treatment is for me, if necessary, only a partial step to first create the conditions to regain more strength for holistic healing. This requires trust, your courage and time.

________High quality

In the meantime, I can draw on a lot of experience through over 1,300 treatments, alone in the last 3 years (as of 2021) and use it helpfully for you. Of course, I always use this knowledge paired with new knowledge in medicine and psychotherapy individually. With me, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Due to my specialization in stress/relaxation and vegetative dysregulation, the causes and complaints of many patients are similar, so you benefit especially from the combination of experience and continuous training with me.

So are you also in the process of going from one (specialist) doctor/therapist to the next and "nothing" is found? Then you could benefit greatly from a holistic view and treatment. Because dysregulation due to stress usually cannot be found in MRI, ultrasound, etc., but can make and/or maintain many complaints and pains.

Here now an overview:

Traumainformed Body Psychotherapy

I offer you my many years of experience as a consultant in conversation with a wide variety of people, life situations and problems. In this way, we can explore together which solution ideas are slumbering in you and want to mature.

Personal stresses such as fears, difficult situations e.g. moving to a foreign country, separation, loss of a loved one, career issues, exam, illness, family difficulties.... among others, can hinder the view of options. One feels like in a hamster wheel , must function...

However, the stressful dynamics can be worked on and changed with various methods.

If the stressors are too overwhelming to talk about, you have come to the right place. My approach or methods are proven also in a non-verbal setting via easy to perform body psychotherapeutic techniques.

I work here with proven techniques and process- and embodiment-oriented methods for a change such as:

- Resolution of lifelong reaction patterns such as anxiety and panic attacks, withdrawal, shock states...
- Release from physical and emotional tensions
- Presence and grounding in the body
- A sense of connection with self and others
- The discovery of new, effective life strategies
- An inner sense of clarity, purpose and destiny
- A spontaneous return to joy, peace and freedom of choice
- Reduction to resolution of chronic pain
- switch off the always felt "state of alarm" in body, mind and soul
- more resilience in stressful situations
- Improve sleep, mood and drive
- Recognize self-sabotage and transform it into self-love
- ...

Focal points in the work are:
- Work with belief systems
- Work with inner parts (inner child, symptom-associated parts...)
- Work with Ego States and the inner team
- Regulation Vagus Nerve/Autonomic Nervous System
- Define life goals and remove blockages that prevent achievement
- Processing and handling stressful situations
- Work with emotional entanglements
- Changing intergenerational patterns and loyalties
- Self-worth and self-love training
- Hormonal balance through emotional regulation


During the gentle and painless scar treatment (after Sharon Wheeler), the scarred tissue is gently given impulses that stimulate healing and regeneration. Integration into the fascia system and neuronal connection becomes possible and often a feeling of "being whole again", belonging to ones body, sets in very quickly. Possible complaints such as itching, pinching, pulling, tightness, "as if stapled", numbness, insensitivity and a feeling of strangeness can be reduced relatively quickly, according to experience. Depending on scar size, location and history of the scar, several sessions may be necessary.

Working with scars is like speaking a different language in the world of connective tissue. Scar tissue is a very dense fascia with unique properties. Scar tissue work uses a casual, light touch and deeply relaxing most of the times. The amount of change in one intervention is extensive. The cosmetic effect is delightful and the functional changes can be profound. Scars of any age respond immediately, followed by a short period of rapid healing and continued improvement. The improvements are permanent.

Scar tissue quality changes quickly and easily. Lumps, gaps, ridges, holes, bumps, knots, and strings in the tissue rapidly smooth out into a three dimensional fascial web. The work starts with the surface layers and goes into the far reaches of the scar including work with any involved viscera. ScarWork often results in large whole body integration shifts along with trauma resolution, and nerve-impaired numbness usually resolves within a session.

The focus of the work is on the tissue and (for the time being) not on any emotional issues that may be present. However, if this becomes apparent in the work, I can work with you to address it, if desired. As a practitioner trained and experienced in body psychotherapy, I bring different methods to work on all levels and in depth for a holistic transformation.

Treatment is not possible during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The scars should be healed, without stitches and inflammation. The age of the scar does not matter, neither does its size. Even a very small "inconspicuous" or old scar can be disturbing in the body. In any case, it is worth a try to treating yourself.

Craniosacral therapy and osteopathy

According to its name, craniosacral therapy is dedicated to the cranium and sacrum.

In the treatment, tensions in the body, bone positions in the skull and the entire nervous system (cranial nerves and peripheral nerves) can be influenced. Thus, all body functions can be influenced. I work with techniques from biomechanical/structural as well as biodynamic cranio-sacral osteopathy.

The treatment takes place on the whole body and can gently release tension and immobile fascia. It is also used to regulate the autonomic nervous system and gives the body the opportunity to activate ones self-healing powers.

In particular, the work with the vagus nerve ("self-healing nerve") is a decisive factor for me here.

Experience has shown that cranio-sacral treatment is often experienced deeply regenerating and relaxing. Possible areas of application e.g. helpful in case of stress, difficulties to relax, sleep disorders, migraine, tension, back pain, emotional stress, after accidents... The treatment is gentle and quiet. It takes place in comfortable clothes on the massage table.


includes various techniques for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. These vary from very gentle to chiropractic manipulations (adjustments). This includes proper diagnosis with examination and testing to be able to work specifically.

Our body works very hard every day too stay in balance though it can happen that pain, painful radiation e.g. into the leg or arm, a feeling of "something is stuck there", hands fall asleep and much more appear. Experience has shown that such complaints can be alleviated by osteopathic treatment.

I combine different techniques in one session in order to achieve an optimal success for you, besides chiropractic adjustments for example the gentle tender points according to Dr. Jones as well as treatment of organs. The organs being placed in front of the spine or the so-called organ column can lead to pain, e.g. in the lumbar spine area or neck, via fascial pulls. Fascia treatment is of great importance to me and is included in every treatment.


A holistic treatment includes not only behavioral measures and bodywork for recovery or maintaining health, but also treatment with medicines. In particular, I pay attention to an appropriate structuring of the outer and inner life in order to optimally stimulate the self-healing powers and thus influence the health of body, mind and soul in a positive way.

In any case, a detailed anamnesis interview takes place first. Your cooperation is important and helpful. Often we feel "disconnected" from our body perception in everyday life, have already gotten used to one thing or another ("That's just the way it is...) or ignore complaints - until it is no longer possible and you feel it is time for treatment. In principle, very many physical illnesses and psychological stresses can be amenable to a naturopathic therapy.

Massage therapy

I adjust my way of therapeutic treatment of the body individually to your current needs. I offer mainly massages, which are proven in nervous restlessness, emotional upsets, etc...

These act on a physical as well as psychological level. These include i.e. the "SlowStroke" full-body massage, the "Breuss massage" for the back and intervertebral discs, and foot reflexology massage. In addition, I use lymphatic drainage techniques for your well-being.

I work exclusively with organic oils without artificial additives. Due to the pleasant atmosphere in the practice, a really very comfortable massage table, warm blankets if needed, pillows, soft bedding you can let go and relax. Experiencing deep relaxation gives the body the possibility of refueling, regeneration and well-being.

Jaw relaxation

You already have a splint or night guard? Your partner has told you that you grind your teeth at night? Your dentist has noticed that your teeth have grinding marks? You have pain, tension, firmness in your jaw?

No matter which of the points applies, each one is an indication, of increased tension and stress in the body, which manifests itself in the jaw by clenching, grinding. The jaw muscles are only the victim... Pressing has an influence on tension in the whole body. Consequently, relaxation in the jaw area also has an effect on the whole body.

After years of experience, I now work with a combination of methods of physical treatments that have proven successful. For example, the R.E.S.E.T. jaw relaxation, cranio-sacral therapy, osteopathy, trigger point therapy, psychosomatics...

In any case, it is also worth looking at an emotional component of jaw pain and working on this level. This is where my expertise in body psychotherapy comes in. After all, splints, night guards and treatments can bring relief and pain relief, yet there are one or more stressors that one should get to the bottom of in order to achieve sustainable relief from the symptoms. Again, we work individually, because every (life) story that leads to symptoms is different.

Information on process and costs:

________Initial appointment and treatment process________

For a treatment please make an initial appointment with me (click Appointment).

The initial appointment is 90 minutes, includes a detailed assessment of the current situation and history, in which we talk about your complaints and treatment options in more detail, as well as an initial treatment/consultation. Please bring the completed --> Questionnaire for the inital appointment.


The billing is self-pay. Unfortunately, public health insurance companies do not usually reimburse Heilpraktiker services. If necessary, billing is based on the fee schedule for non-medical practitioners, even above that. The fee schedule is now over 35 years old and in my opinion no longer adequately reflects the effort and performance. I will inform you about the costs before a treatment.

- Initial appointment 90 minutes: detailed assessment, examination, as well as treatment/consultation 159 €. During the initial appointment we discuss your individual treatment needs.

- for existing patients follow-up appointment as needed (60 oder 90 minutes)

- Phone appointment per 10 Min

Private health insurances and "Heilpraktiker" supplementary insurances may reimburse a part of the costs. Regardless of any reimbursement by insurance companies, the full amount is due.

Education and trainings

since 2010 eager to learn and to know...

Naturopathy, holistic regulatory medicine:

- Training to become Heilpraktikerin, Hamburger Akademie für Naturheilkunde
- Classical homeopathy, Amara Schule für Naturheilkunde und Heilpraxis, Hamburg
- Polaritätsanalyse I-IV in Homeopathy, Dr. Heiner Frei, Deutsche Akademie der Klassischen Homöopathie, Prichsenstadt
- Advanced training Genuine Homeopathy: Working with SYMPTOMENLEXIKON I, II, III und IV, HP Michael Kohl, Erlangen
- Advanced training MitoBiom Cell Therapy, Tisso, Hamburg
- Advanced training "Gut dysbiosis and chronic inflammation", Tisso, Hamburg
- Work shadowing Praxis Dr. rer.nat. Andreas Sörens, Heilpraktikerin Hamburg
- Spagyrica by Alexander von Bernus, Application of Soluna remedies (SOLUNATE), Christoph Proeller, HP Siegfried Sulzenbacher, HP Markus Ruppert, Laboratorium Soluna, Donauwörth
- Psychosomatica and Solunate, HP Markus Ruppert, Soluna, Hamburg

Body therapy:

- since 2015: R.E.S.E.T. 1 und R.E.S.E.T. 2 Jaw relaxation, HP Josef Stotten, Wardenburg/Bremen
- Relaxation trainer for autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation, BIEK, Bensheim
- Cupping massage/cupping therapy, humoral therapy, Hamburger Akademie für Naturheilkunde
- Spinal therapy according to Dorn / Breuss-Massage, Hamburger Akademie für Naturheilkunde
- since 2017: Massage and wellness therapist, Terramedus, Hamburg
- Cosmetic lymphatic drainage, Terramedus, Hamburg
- occasional freelance work in massage practice as well as employee massages on site in companies
- in 2018 work at Scholz Naturheilzentrum (Zentrum für integrative Medizin und Osteopathie) as a manual therapist in the application of structural osteopathy, trigger point pain therapy and shock wave therapy.
- Course Tension Release Exercise, TRE nach David Bercelli, Stefanie Bergold, Hamburg
- Rolfing® Anatomy Class, European Rolfing® Association e.V., Konrad Obermeier und Nicola Carofiglio
- Manual trigger point therapy IMTT® bei Roland Gautschi, MA, Dipl. Physiotherapeut FH (Schweiz), Senior-Instruktor IMTT®
- Training Osteopathy: Parietal Osteopathy, Hamburger Akademie für Naturheilkunde, Hamburg
- Training Osteopathy: Craniosacral Therapy, Hamburger Akademie für Naturheilkunde, Hamburg
- Advanced training Osteopathy: Visceral work (treatment of organs), Cranio Hamburg - Schule der berührenden Künste (Milne Institut), Hamburg
- Advanced training Osteopathy: Viscerale techniques, Schule für Cranio-sacrale Therapie Michael Drechsler, Obernburg
- Advanced training Osteopathy: Hormone- and nervous system, Schule für Cranio-sacrale Therapie Michael Drechsler, Obernburg
- Scarwork (Sharon Wheeler), Isolde Specka und Christine Ernst, Hamburg

Body psychotherapy / Coaching

- 2013 One-year training and self-awareness for voluntary work in pastoral care/psychosocial conversation counseling (psychological conduct of discussions according to Rogers), BSZ Hamburg
- Participation conference of the Society for Idiolectics and Conversation Management, Würzburg
- Advanced training „In conversation with the grieving“, BSZ Hamburg
- since 2016: PEP®: Process- and embodiementfocused psychology, Dr. Michael Bohne, Hannover
- 2019 Participation conference "Talking is not enough" for body work in psychotherapy, Bremen
- Advanced training "Die Kunst des Reframens", Dipl.-Psych. Luitgard Mager-Prenner, Hannover

- 2020/21/22 Participation in various trainings and conferences online:
--- 5 day online conference "Psychosomatics - Health", Maggie Philipps, Woltemade Hartmann, Luise Reddemann, Peter Levine u.v.a.
--- 7 day online training "Ego State Therapy", Woltemade Hartmann u.v.a.
--- 6 day online conference "Trauma therapy, PTSD and transgenerational transmission of trauma", Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges u.v.a.
--- 6 day online training "Somatic Experiencing/Body-sense experience/body-sense awareness: The body carries the burden of trauma" Peter Levine, Michaela Huber u.v.a.

- Consulting and coaching with the INNER TEAM, Dipl.-Psych C. Bossemeyer, Institut für integrative Teilearbeit, Hamburg
- Training in TSY - Trauma-Sensibles Yoga, TSY ingradual
- Training in psychoaktiver SlowStroke®-Massage, Claudia Berg und Prof. Dr. Bruno Müller-Oerlinghausen, Berlin

- Training PNE Practitioner
Resolution of trauma-induced stress reactions through the wisdom of one's own body combines Somatic Release Therapy (Somatic Experience® by Dr. Peter Levine), Neural Reflex Points (Body Electronics by Dr. John Whitman Ray) as well as the work of Stanley Rosenberg on the regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System, taking into account the findings of Dr. Stephen Porges on the Polyvagal Theory, Developer and Trainer: Judith A. Johnson, NC, USA

- Ego-States in traumatherapy, Praxis für Systemische Therapie und NHK, Kim Saskia Heckens, HP, Meldorf

- DBR Deep Brain Reorienting: Basic DBR Training; Advanced DBR Training: Healing Attachment Pain and Attachment Shock, Dr. Frank Corrigan, Akademie für integrative Traumatherapie, Berlin

- ScarWork (by Sharon Wheeler), Isolde Specka und Christine Ernst, Hamburg

- Training Havening Practitioner, Havening Techniques® for Psychotherapists, Dr. Kate Truitt Ph.D. & Associates, Clinical Psychologist, California Trauma Therapists, CA, USA

- 2022 Participation transdisciplinary workshop conference "Traumacrossover", Psychology meets Medizin meets Biology, Konstanz
- 2022 Participation conference "Talking is not enough" for body work in psychotherapy, Würzburg

Further trainings:
- 07/2022: Teilnahme Teacher Training PNE PsychoNeuroEnergetics, Judith A. Johnson, NC, USA
- 03/2023: Sympathikus-Therapie nach Dr. Heesch®, Sinje Hoffmann, Hamburg
- 04/2023: BoneWork (by Sharon Wheeler), Sharon Wheeler, Dokkum, Niederlande

On going:
- since 2015 regular meetings in working groups as well as collegial exchange
- since 2016 regular meetings working group and intervision PEP® Dr. Bohne
- free cooperation with psychological psychotherapists, medical specialists

Continuing education is very important for me. I like to learn in order to keep my knowledge up to date and to offer you the best possible service I can.

About me:
born in the 1970s in the Lower Franconian town of Würzburg
married to Stephan Albrecht, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, Mag.; among others supervisor

since 2009 regular practice of yoga and meditation

2009, 2010 und 2011 several weeks each trip to India: self-organized exploration of the country (more than 6,000 km in 6 weeks) and visit of yoga retreats, stay at Dhanwantari Ashram, Neyyar Dam

- Initiation REIKI and regular participation in meetings, ReikiAkademie Hamburg/Wirkungsreich Angelika Leisering, Hamburg
- Participation one-week retreat "Healing body and mind"., Thich Nhat Hanh, European Institute of Applied Buddhsim, Waldbröl

- Training Clown work (Prerequisite for training as a clinic clown) With mindful body and awareness exercises, self-awareness, improvisation, pacing, timing, empathy, among others, through the use of guided Focusing and Zapchen, Bettina Natho, Clownschule Jokers, Hamburg
- Participation 4-day Buddhist Silent Retreat "Presence of Mind and Transformation", Akiñcano Marc Weber, Haus der Stille, Roseburg

2017 Participation 4-day Buddhist Silent Retreat "Metta and Vipassana Meditation", Tineke Osterloh, Haus der Stille, Roseburg

2018 Participation 4-day Buddhist Silent Retreat "Presence of Mind and Transformation", Akiñcano Marc Weber, Haus der Stille, Roseburg

2020 Participation 4-day Buddhist Silent Retreat "Wise Body - Joyful Heart", Franz Möckl, Haus der Stille, Roseburg

In 1999 I lived and worked abroad in the United States of America for a global company. I know what it feels like to be in a new environment and what it takes to find your way around in a new life. During that time I have gotten severely sick and didn't know what to do. Gladly I found help. I would love to support and help others coming from all over the world to Germany to feel welcome, healthy, well and happy here.

Welcome to my practice

You will find me in the Bundesstr. 80 in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel adjacent to Harvestehude, the Grindelviertel and Rotherbaum. Walking distance from underground and bus station Schlump in about 5 minutes. Bus stop Schlankreye (DKH) directly in front of the door.

I am a member of the following organizations

Medical Society for Myofascial Pain
United States Association for Body Psychotherapy
Verband Freier Osteopathen
Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker


One more remark on my fundamental view:

For me, the bigger picture meaning that all living beings and our mother earth as well should be well, is connected to life, to health and joy of life. I feel co-responsible and for this reason I engage myself as often as possible for goals worth supporting.

It is important for all of our health and well-being to have, for example, good, truly nutritious and pesticide-free food, fresh air, clean water, a fair income, a world worth living in. Stress-related illnesses are not always just a problem of the individual who has to learn to cope and adapt, but equally a societal problem. Therefore, for more than 10 years, a part of my proceeds has gone to the following organizations:

Against financial crime and unfair rules on the financial markets, for a stable financial system, environmentally friendly financial markets, for transparency, party-politically neutral, competent, independent
exposes the anti-consumer practices of the food industry and fights for consumers' right to good quality, safe and honest food.
is a citizens' movement working for a better Europe that stands for environmental sustainability and grassroots democracy.
For the little ones all over the world, for education, for participation, against violence, against child labor
is the strong, global and independent voice for animals under direct human impact. "Vier Pfoten"' (four paws) vision is a world where people treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding.